If Shoes Could Speak

"If Shoes Could Speak" was a project that I created with the intent to look at everyday stories through a different lens. I partnered with SoulPancake to film and produce this video. 



I traveled with a friend through Vietnam over the course of 2 weeks and made this video to capture the wonderful experience that we had.  



I went to Greece on a whim during my travels following graduation. I left Budapest without a plan or housing in Athens. On the plane I met two Kiwis who invited me to spend the next 10 days with them. I ended up making some of the best memories of my life with them. 



In January of 2015 I went on a 10-day trip to Israel. I made this video to commemorate the wild adventure.


Tom Syron's Story

Tom Syron is the father of one of my fraternity brothers at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. He and his family needed help to raise money for his father's medical expenses, so I flew to Chicago to capture their story. The video was filmed by me and my friend Kayla Mallery and edited by my great friend Shannon Dragsbaek.